4 Money Saving Tips to Successfully Save for Retirement Now

money-saving-tips-to-retire-betterIn order to free up cash for retirement, you have to start being more mindful of your money.

You’re holding yourself back from that dream life you could have or just preserving what you have right now.

It may seem so far away.

I get it, but . . .

Here’s Why Putting Money Away is Vital

Before we go any further, you’ll need to figure out:

Why are you doing this?

This is essential so you can stay on track when you are tempted to go off course.

Ben Franklin once said:

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

In an effort to get you more involved and learn to save, I’m showing you this infographic to highlight tips that worked for successful retirees. I want to really drive home why you should be putting more money away.  I also want to get you excited and give you a reminder about why it’s so important.

Remember, you don’t want to end up sitting on the sidelines struggling when it’s time to retire. You’ll be that person on Facebook looking through everyone’s photos wishing you could be on vacation. Think of all of those people who post pics of their awesome trips to tropical islands, relaxing on the beach or floating on a raft in a pool. Maybe they are even snoozing in a hammock somewhere. If you save properly, that can be you too. Check out the infographic to gain insight from those who have retired successfully and see why it’s important to do the same below.


The Retiree Next Door

 Source: Moneytips.com

So I’ll stop going on and on and tell you some practical tips already.

Discover Money Saving Tips to Stash More Cash Now


1. Be like Dora the Explorer when it comes to budgets.

If you don’t know where your money goes and if you’re not quite sure where to begin when it comes to budgeting, explore different options. I once  asked some personal finance writers their thoughts about budgeting after hearing conflicting thoughts about how it should be done.

I would get a little put off when people would say that there is a better way to budget. I really think it has to fit your habits and lifestyle. Also, if you are getting the results you want, why change? Discover what works for you, maybe these personal budgeting methods will help you. You may even want to start with some free printables for budgeting or use a free online calculator to quickly make a sample budget here. Vamanos!

2. Make savings a habit.

You may think saving money is hard. You’ve may have thought about cutting coupons to free up extra cash. At the same time it seems too time- consuming. I used to think that too until I came up with a way to make it a routine. Consider doing it for 10 minutes a day. Learn how to coupon while watching television. I recently bought my daughter a pair of uniform pants from Old Navy for 85 cents just by filling out a survey during commercials and organizing my coupons.


3. Discover tips and tricks from past generations.
Clipping coupons will seem like a breeze when you read bios of past generations. Carl Burnett shared a dress with 3 other friends to have something special to wear to auditions. Pablo Picasso was a starving artist starting out. He once had an apartment that was so cold that  tea left out in cup would be frozen solid at night.

Some people think paying yourself first is new advice. It’s not. That was just expected for people growing up during the Depression Era.  People’s survival depended on this habit. I like to learn from seniors and others that are highly effective money stretchers. Why reinvent the wheel if you can learn from others that have more life experience? Take a short cut and even learn from a retiree next door.


4. Save while splurging.
Don’t deprive yourself. Make sure you treat yourself every once in awhile. An occasional Starbucks or restaurant experience is fine when you don’t over do it.Keep it as a special treat instead.

I was able to save $360 a month by eating cupcakes versus going out to for a full dinner every weekend. If you’re watching your weight, cut the cupcake in half and save the other half for leftovers. You can eat it the next day thus stretching that dollar even further. You can also freeze it for another time. I just spilled the beans on one of my best kept secrets. It’s one of my seven secrets of saving more.

The Bottom Line

Use the tips mentioned to start putting more money away now. Smart spending can turn into smart saving if you put the savings reaped away for retirement. You too can retire successfully by taking steps to save more.

If you found this valuable, share it on social media. It’s good karma too.






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