4 Tips to Working Effectively When You’re Not in Your Regular Work Space


If you have a job where you can do work in different settings with just the internet, mobile devices, and a few other essentials, here are some ideas to get work done while you’re away from your regular setting.

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7 Reasons Why You Can Get Errands Done Efficiently at CVS

get-errands-done-at-cvs Out of snacks midweek?

Need to hit the ATM last minute?

Or did you run out of one or two items like batteries or laundry detergent?

These errands along with regular trips like grocery shopping can be time-consuming.

It’s not a surprise that we feel overwhelmed with such responsibilities, and a little guilty for wanting to abandon them all together.

While they are a necessary evil, you might be wondering how you can scale back a bit or be a little more efficient when getting these tasks done.

If it’s something you tend to dread along with other mundane errands, use these tips to cross more off your to do list in less time. Read the full post »

How to Set a Savings Goal in Minutes Using Capital One 360

goal setting

Are you cut corners and spending less on a regular basis,

but not putting away as much money as you would like?

You might be wondering why, but don’t get too flustered…

Your bank may be the culprit. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are tips to get more out of your bank to set savings goals.

Don’t miss out on how to truly set a goal you can monitor and hopefully reap the savings that you deserve.

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How to Control Your Spending In 5 Minutes A Month – For Free


Get a hold of your spending for smooth financial sailing.

This may sound strange coming from a Certified Financial Planner,

but the truth is, investing should not be your first priority if you want to be financial successful.

Don’t get me wrong, investing is very important.

And without putting money aside for your future and investing it wisely, it may be difficult to have a bright financial future.

But before even thinking about investing, you have to get in front of your spending. Specifically, you need to know what you spend on average each month.

Why is that?

I’ll explain. . .

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7 Tricks to Save Money on Festive Decor


When figuring out how to spend your money on festive items for your home, carefully pick and choose where to spend your hard earned dollars.

Getting bargains after the season may score you steep discounts, but ask yourself . . .

Do you really need to do this every year?

To concentrate your spending efforts and help you to be more wallet-wise, read these trickss for purchasing seasonal items.

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A New Reason Why Getting Healthy is Rewarding

life insurance

This is a sponsored post that may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Increasing physical activity and making better health decisions can yield both physical and monetary benefits.

If you’re looking to make positive changes in your life to improve your money situation and your health, here are some tips to do so.

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3 Credit Myths Debunked


I recently came across my grandfather’s jewelry store charge card from the 1940′s.

Back then, credit had more to do with your “good name” since you had a personal relationship with the merchant and a reputation to uphold in your area.

Store owners allowed you to have a line of credit with them based on knowing you would do right by them.

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Home Decorating Ideas: How to Furnish Your New Place for Less


Ah, purchasing a new place to live.

Nothing better.


The arrival fallacy sets in when you realize that after jumping the hurdle of purchasing that big expense, you’re then faced with furnishing it.

That’s a whole other monster, especially if the space is completely different from your last place and nothing seems to work right.

If you’re itching to get the place furnished with little money or looking for a manageable way to save up, there’s hope.

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Travel Tips: Save Big on Accomodations & More. Tip 2 Will Make Your Wallet Kiss You.



If vacation planning had an easy button, I’d push it.

Sounds strange, right?

Maybe not.

Actually, I’d use an easy button for many aspects of life right now.

But vacation planning is currently at the top of the list.

There are tons of details to plan and prices to look over that it can feel like a work project all by itself (me and my first world issues).

If you’re like I am and you like making things as easy as possible, ask others like-minded travelers what they do to plan a  summer vacation for less.

Take a look at the following tips and see how many you can use to enjoy yourself before fall creeps back up on us.

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Stocking Up On Clothing for Less: A How-To Guide

fashion-for-lessGuest Post by Oana Schneider 

Life as a penny-pincher fashionista is hard.

Trying to keep up with trends and clothing lines is exhausting, especially when you don’t have a huge budget at your disposal (although dreaming of it never killed anyone!).

If you look online, you’ll see that most frugal sages suggest that you stock up on really important things, like food or detergent.

But for me, having new clothes beats pretty much everything else on the market.

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