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4 Money Saving Tips to Successfully Save for Retirement Now

money-saving-tips-to-retire-betterIn order to free up cash for retirement, you have to start being more mindful of your money.

You’re holding yourself back from that dream life you could have or just preserving what you have right now.

It may seem so far away.

I get it, but . . .

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How to Accomplish Goals While Blocking Out the Haters

goal-settingIf you really want to save, prioritize your spending or accomplish any goal, you need to block out the haters.

The question remains . . .

How do I do that?

Well, one person took to the internet to show you a sure-fire way to get it done.

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Life Insurance: A Means to Provide for Your Young Family


My oldest daughter

Before we brought our baby home, we had everything set up.

I can’t remember how many times people asked if we were ready.

The room was all set with freshly painted walls and a new crib that was up to the latest safety standards with a baby monitor close by.

We had a changing table with secure sides and a stack of pampers ready to be worn.

We even had the car seat installed weeks ahead after following all of the proper guidelines provided in the manual.

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Motivation Time Tueday: 3 Ways Sorting Paper Clutter Can Save You Money

save-money-sorting-paperAsk yourself this:

Is the paper in your house totally organized?

There’s probably a few stacks here and there . . .

Or maybe a file or two that needs to be updates.

Sound familiar?

This can be a problem.


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How to Coupon in Minutes While Watching Television

how-to-get-started-couponingMaybe you’ve tried to use a coupon or two in the past . . .

But you’re not getting the savings you’d like.

You may think you just don’t have enough time, but don’t get too upset.

Devoting too much time to couponing may be working AGAINST you.

There are 3 ways to coupon in minutes.  If you deny it, you’ll lose out on the savings you deserve.

It might be little over the top.

I understand, but . . .

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How to Coupon for Clothing Stores Using Google Calendar

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google-calendar-couponingI have a new efficient way to show you how to coupon . . .

and actually use your coupons for clothing stores before they expire.

More on that in a few.

First, before doing so, I make sure to keep the coupons I get in my organizer.

One of my ways to organize paper clutter (or paper before it turns into clutter) is to keep any paper coupons, bills, notes and other random pieces of paper in a special organizer that I use every day.

This is the exact 8-Pocket Project Organizer I use.


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Healthy Breakfast: Quick, Easy and Cheap Idea to Make in Minutes

Budget-Friendly Breakfasts(9)

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Healthy Breakfast: Add This to Eggs and Toast for More Nutrients

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Healthy Breakfast Idea: Yogurt with a Twist

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