Money: Let’s Chat About it


When’s the last time you talked about money?

Whether it’s with your significant other,

a family member or even yourself . . .

It isn’t always easy.

Today our special guest  is teaching us how to do so.

I have an interview with Dorethia Conner, author of the new book #MoneyChat.

She breaks information down into bite size chunks and makes what may seem overwhelming, more manageable in her new book.

Here’s our Q & A about her new book.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Cards That Will Save You Money


Before you forget, pin it now.

By Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend at

When it comes to shopping for presents, I’m a classic over-spender.

Though I often have a budget in mind, I sometimes spend more than planned.

 I either can’t find something within my price range (so I bump up the limit to allow for more choices)

or I find the absolute BEST gift and buy it despite the price being more than I can afford.

It’s a problem.

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Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Don’t Seem Last Minute (and a Bonus!)

Are you stuck shopping last-minute?

Perhaps fearing that your gift may appear as if you didn’t put much effort into finding it?

You can often tell when someone haphazardly slapped together a gift.

It’s a little harder to be creative and thoughtful when you don’t have much time to think… the clock is ticking!

Fortunately, there are still some presents you can find that won’t reek of Shopping Like a Last-Minute Larry.

Here are five totally decent gift ideas for last- minute shoppers.

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Quick Ways to Save More While Holiday Shopping

money-saving-tipsMaybe you picked up a holiday gift or two, but you know you could do a little better with getting a great deal or spending less in general.

You might think you straight up stink at the whole thing.

Don’t give up yet.

Working too hard at it might be to BLAME.

Here are three tips that can generate some savings with little effort.

Don’t miss the savings you deserve.

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Living Room Ideas: Little Known Ways to Pick the Perfect Decor

living-room-ideasMany people think it’s hard to have a beautiful, inviting home without having to drop major bank roll.

Whether you’re looking to add a little something new or completely revamp a room, you can decorate on a budget and still add charm to your home for less.

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Talking Money with a Child

kids and money bookThis post may include affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Guest post By R. Bradley Snyder and Marc Engelsgjerd

Our ultimate goal in writing What Every Child Needs To Know About The Economy
was to help our daughters understand why people have (or don’t have) jobs.

It also explains why they can’t necessarily have every toy or treat they ask for.

Ultimately, it’s about why they shouldn’t even want some of the things that they say they want.

But before we could address topics like markets and scarcity, we needed to talk about money.

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Here are Methods That Help Homeowners Save Hundreds on Utilities


I’ll confess.

When I fixed some drafty outlets in the house to save on energy,

I envisioned myself being one of those game show contestants where you go inside a giant-sized glass capsule.

The ones where money blows all around and whatever you could realistically grab in the duration of time allotted was yours.

I know that’s a little far-fetched but it didn’t quite happen that way and here’s how to fix it.

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What Everybody Ought to Know Before Going Holiday Shopping

holiday-shoppingPsst! Do you want the inside scoop on shopping for the holidays?

In order to spend wisely during the holidays, you have to do your wallet proud.

Avoid a debt hangover that you’ll only regret later.

It may sound dramatic.

I understand, but . . .

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How to Save Money on Energy in Under 5 Minutes

energy-utiltiesYou’d never think a tiny piece of foam could make such a difference.

It’s only been a day since doing this and a wad of cash hasn’t fallen from the sky and plopped itself down in the middle of my living room.

But if you do make a bunch of tweaks like this, it can add up to big savings.

If you’re raring to go when it comes to saving money on utilities, I implemented a useful tip I found on Pinterest.

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Discover the Most Underutilized Coupon That Got Me Roughly 50 Percent Off

money-saving-tipsTime and time again I realize. . .

You are the best money saving tool that you have.

And if you don’t utilize this precious resource the way that you should, you’re most likely losing money.

A little over the top, but . . .

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