Money Saving Tips: Get a Discount Every Time You Shop at Gap and Old Navy

ways-to-save-at-sapI said this before and it’s worth repeating . . .

In order to travel more, get out of debt, or have extra money in general, you have to be strategic.

You’re might be missing out on a achieving a goal you have in mind.

It may sound a little over the top.

I know, but . . .

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8 Money Saving Tips for Wannabe Jedi Savers

money-saving-ideasTell the truth. . .

Are you secretly envious of extreme couponers?

Or do you find yourself feeling agitated about the mere thought of looking for a bunch of coupons?

It turns out that you don’t have to do what they do to get big savings on a regular basis.

We tend to think that it’s one of the only strategies to use in order to spend less.

This could be holding you back from getting the savings you deserve.

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Make a To-do List: Free Printables, Apps and More for Thursday


Free Printables for To-do Lists, Apps and More


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Free Printables for Budgeting Your Money


Free Printables for Budgeting

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Free Printables: Travel Packing Checklist, Meal Planning Template and More


Get 10 Free Printables up in here. . . up in here. : )

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Get Organization Book Deals, Productivity Posts and My Motivational Quote for Friday



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How to Save Money on Car Repair

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For some people, cars are a passion.

They prefer to drive wherever they’re going, they appreciate seeing nice models on the street and they probably might even be into automotive racing.

However, for other people, cars aren’t something you think about until they refuse to start, begin to make a weird sound or just quit on you completely.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, one thing everyone knows is buying a car is not a great investment.

The average person will spend $335,080 on cars in their lifetime.

The car depreciates in value as soon as it rolls off of the lot, and eventually, it’s going to cost you more than just some gas money when you have to get it serviced.

Whether it’s something relatively routine, like new brake pads, or something catastrophic, like a new transmission, you’re going to roll into the shop knowing your wallet is going to take a hit one way or another.

While these expenses are unavoidable, you can do your best to minimize them.

Read on here.

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Teaching Your Child Financial Responsibility

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If you’ve ever wondered, “How am I going to teach my child the value of a dollar?”

Because this type of lesson could be the difference between success and failure when it comes to how your child handles money in the future.

You may also be thinking, “Hey, that’s heavy duty, right there.”

I know. . .

But there are so many things your child has to learn today. Why not seek out a little guidance from author? Read on as Darrah Brustein shares her insight on the topic in today’s post.

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Cheap Dinner Ideas and My Three for Me Salad Rule

The benefits of eating salads are straight forward:

  • It’s good for you.
  • You can customize what you eat.
  • It can be more economical.
  • They can be quick and easy to prepare.

The question remains, “Why don’t I eat more salads?”

We already know they are good for us.

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Productivity Book Deals and the Freebie of the Day


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