Functional Craft: Cool Earring Holder for a Dollar

Do you love making crafts but then don’t have a place to put them? For those who like functional crafts, this earring holder craft could be the solution for you.

1. Purchase this wooden doll craft. Most craft stores sell them for a dollar. The most you’ll pay is probably $2.00. I have never seen it cost more that that.

2. After your child colors it, get a drill and use the smallest drill bit to make holes. I gave her earrings by drilling holes in each ear. I also drilled holes in the belt, on the hand purse and shoes.

We started to put our earrings on the craft. Just make sure you have an even amount of holes. You want to make sure each pair has a place to be.

My 10 year old really enjoyed this. She liked rearranging the earrings to see different combinations.

Be sure to put the post on the back securely so you don’t fling your bling.


There’s a little piece of wood that comes with the project to allow the craft to stand.
I love stopping by sites like to get inspiration.

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