Recycle Scrapbook Paper for Christmas Tags in Minutes



I used some scraps from Valentine’s Day.
A perfect way to be green for the holiday!
Recycled Scrapbook Paper
Hole Puncher
Fine Point Marker or Gel Pen
Scalloped Shears
1. Cut scrapbook paper into a tag with scalloped shears. I recycled my Valentine scrapbook paper to use for the Christmas tags.
2.  Come up with a saying that fits the holiday and write it with the marker. (See pictures above). I just added the words “at Christmas” to “Sew Happy Together”. Anything can be made festive if you use your own creativity.
3. Punch a hole in the tag and tie some ribbon on. I attached it to the bag with tape. I think people appreciate originality, creativity and effort. I know I do. Happy Holidays!

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