Kids and Money: Financial Education for Kids

kids-and-moneyHave a child that needs a money lesson or two?

Then you probably know that starting early is one of the smartest ways to teach kids to manage money effectively.

But what else can a concerned parent do?

How can you teach kids how to earn money and set short and long term financial goals?

Henry Ford once said,

Time and money spent in helping men do more themselves is far better than mere giving.

He was right.

Once you start to lay a foundation, getting your kids to become responsible with money will become easier.

Introducing:  My 5 Part Kids and Money Series

All of the articles you will read are what has worked for my own two children who are active savers.

The articles are straight forward information that provide examples to jump start your child’s learning.

Sound interesting?

Let’s get started:

Allowance Method: Products I Like to Use for a Concrete Way to Save 

Saving: A Secret to Teaching Kids About Money

Teaching Kids About Money Using the 1/4 Rule

Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids Including Taking Care of Technology Gadgets

Money Enrichment: Going Beyond Allowance for Kids

Freshbooks for Beginners & How I Used it as a Teachable Moment

Bonus: Free Download Enthusiastic Goals Worksheet

 If you like these articles and want more information about my upcoming  kids and money course (ages 5 and up), get updates here.

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